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The Lydia Conference: 


Women and Leadership: Pursuing Purpose

and Balance in Today’s World

Live Online August 5-6, 2022!

10 AM - 4 PM

What does it mean to be a leader? What does it mean to be purpose driven? In this time in history, how can women use their influence to lead positive change? How can women, empowered by an understanding of their life purpose and destiny, boldly step forward to be all that they can be? What kind of courage and faith is needed in these unprecedented times, especially when so much is being asked of women and girls, and so much is wanted and needed by them? How can we meet the challenge while not sacrificing self-care?

These and many other topics will be explored at this year’s transformation virtual summit: "The Lydia Conference". Your hostess is Michelle Olivia Smith, CEO and Transformation Coach at Delightful Infusion: The Key to Positive Change!



Join Us Live Online August 5th - 6th!

Ladies, The Lydia Conference is an inspiring, information packed event that will propel you forward in the direction of your purpose and career or entrepreneurial goals!

Michelle Olivia Smith

Founder and CEO of Delightful Infusion LLC

Why Attend The Lydia Conference?

Enjoy eight inspiring speakers over two days!

There will be door prizes!

This conference is for executives and front-line staff, entrepreneurs and career employees, moms, aunties, sisters, and daughters! This edifying leadership conference will have something for everyone! The conference offers topics around starting a business, exploration of life purpose as well as business mission and vision, personal and business finance and budgeting, effective stewarding of your influence, pursuing wellness, balance and self-care, making good career choices, and leadership topics like effective leadership and intercultural creativity, as well as resilience themes like increasing God esteem and self esteem!


Don’t miss this pivotal gathering of women dedicated to fulfilling their life purpose, reaching their goals, and stewarding their influence in an ever-changing world.

Pursue Your Purpose! Craft your personal "I AM" statement and quantify your business mission, vision, and values. Discover how to incorporate your purpose into your current career, or pivot to a new one! Learn how career coaching can help!

Embrace Entrepreneurship! Like biblical Lydia, learn to pursue your purpose in the marketplace and be about your business! Hear from female entrepreneurs what it takes to make it happen, and how to continue in your purpose despite the challenges! Learn how entrepreneur coaching can make a difference!

Explore the Culture/Creativity Connection - Learn how to creatively engage with other cultures in business. Increase your creative thinking skills and use them to your advantage in the world of work!







What people are saying about last year's summit:

“…The summit was very informative…" - Monica Belmon

"…Thanks for blessing me with a wonderful summit. It was so inspiring..." – Miranda Bundick

"I enjoyed the meeting that you convened … It was a blessing. … May the Lord continue to bless your business… " – Wilthel Simpson

"Thank you for…the Delightful Infusion Transformation Virtual Summit this weekend. I was truly blessed by the wealth of information that was presented." – Karen Poulson

"...the Summit was so inspiring!!" - Loria Carter


The Speakers

Lucy Zielinski

Managing Partner

Lumina Health Partners

Nancy Batterman

Executive Coach and Nonprofit Strategist, Proactive Leadership Group

Anna Dynia

Founder and CEO

Anna Dynia CPA, LLC

Vivian Williams, Esq.

Principal Attorney

Vivian Williams Law, LLC

Nichole Henderson

Licensed Marriage, Family and Child Therapist

Founder and CEO, Victorious Beginnings

Genein Letford

Founder and CEO

CAFFE Strategies

Teresa Mosley

Founder and CEO

T. Clotel Mosley and Associates

Michelle Olivia Smith

Founder and CEO

Delightful Infusion LLC

The Conference Presentations 

~ Day One ~

  • Michelle Olivia Smith - Finding Your Purpose in Life and Business

    Clarity of purpose is essential for leaders in both life and business. Achieving any goal starts with defining that goal. Walk with me in this opening session as we craft a personal I AM statement, and define the mission, vision and personal values for our lives. If you are starting or have a business, we will define this for the business as well.

  • Lucy Zielinski - Effective Leadership: Starts With You!

    Effective leaders are crucial to advance an organization’s strategy and objectives. And the foundation of effective leadership begins with a keen sense of self-awareness and committing to lifelong learning and skill building. It starts with you!


    After the session, attendees will be able to:

    ·        List key competencies of highly effective leaders

    ·        Differentiate between managing and leading others

    ·        Create an individualized plan to develop and enhance their leadership skills

  • Nancy Batterman - Pursuing Your Purpose Despite The Challenges

    After working as a nonprofit CEO for 30 years, I took God’s lead and started my own executive coaching business in the fall of 2019. Then the pandemic hit and I was diagnosed with breast cancer. This presentation will discuss the challenges I faced, what I learned and God’s faithfulness as I continued to pursue my purpose.

  • Anna Dynia - Rise Up: Financial Awareness and Abundance

    We all have our stories around money, there is a lot of information out there and it is sometimes easier to ignore our responsibility. This can stop us from fulfilling our purpose and passion and taking that action we know we need to take. When we do not have the awareness of our finances it is difficult to receive the abundance in our lives. This is a call to rise up and look at the area of money in your business and in your personal life to set yourself up for success.

  • Vivian Williams - Protecting your Purpose: The Basics Of Intellectual Property

    Want to secure your brand? Want your business to be more profitable? Then learn how to protect your purpose in this informative session about patents, trademarks, and other ways to secure your intellectual property.


    Attendees will learn:

    ·        The basics around Trademarks, Copyrights, Patents, and Trade Secrets.

    ·        Why every business has Intellectual Property!

    ·        How to use these important protections in your business!

  • Day Two ~


    • Michelle Olivia Smith - Infusing Life Purpose to Increase Job Satisfaction 

      One of the key business questions employers ask is, "How do I increase employee engagement?" The answer does not come from management, it comes from employees themselves. From the point of view of the career woman, this presentation will discuss how you can proactively infuse your current job with your life purpose, and thereby increase your own job satisfaction. If you want to stay with your employer, but you long for better opportunities, this presentation will show you a win-win so you can have your cake and eat it too.

    • Nichole Henderson - Maintaining Balance While Pursuing Your Purpose

      Is work life balance overrated?

      Mental balance, implementing the eight dimensions of wellness, and practicing intentional self-care are important ingredients needed to infuse your faith and sustain balance while pursuing purposefulness. All three components can protect pioneering women from the persistence trap of impostor syndrome and disparaging mental health myths that prevent ambitious woman from obtaining a purpose driven lifestyle.

      This session will help you understand how sparking your creativity through discovering your spiritual gifts, learning that self-care is not selfish, implementing and maintaining purposeful relationships, thriving careers, and most importantly, your identity in Christ, can help you maintain balance and pursue your purpose.

      "For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11

    • Genein Letford - Intercultural Creativity for Women in Leadership: The Ace Up Your Sleeve for the Future of Work

      Creative thinking is now the #1 skill needed in our workforce. This is a VUCA environment. So, increasing your creative thinking skills is no longer a luxury, it’s now required. But creativity can’t thrive unless there is a culture of inclusion, belonging and psychological safety. This interactive session combines intercultural development, which is a key tool needed for inclusion, with a methodology that cultivates and expands creative thinking. We show you how to integrate this into your culture. Attendees will learn how:

      ·        culture and creativity are connected

      ·        to analyze their own cultural behaviors and become aware and beneficially responsive to others

      ·        to creatively engage with other cultures in business - virtual and in person

      ·        to advance their intercultural competence for success in a global market

    • Michelle Olivia Smith - Client Testimonial: Bianca's Story

      Join Michelle Smith as she interviews Bianca Bonter about an uncertain time in her life Bianca was seeking career and life direction and shares how the power of life coaching helped her get unstuck and moving forward. You don't want to miss her inspiring story as she shows how her life was changed and transformed as she moved forward to achieve her goals.

    • Teresa Mosley - Health and Wellness for the Purpose Driven Woman


      Understanding your purpose is the beginning of the journey to your goals, but anyone who takes a journey knows that it also requires physical endurance. Because the mind drives the body, you must also fuel mental wellness to sustain you and carry you to your expected outcome and beyond. Follow me as we discuss what it will take to sustain and maintain both the mind and the body in wellness as you fulfill your purpose.

    ... and more!!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why is it called "The Lydia Conference?"

    You may remember that Lydia in Scripture was a seller of purple. She was an entrepreneur. We named this conference for her and for the Delightful Infusion entrepreneur coaching program: The Lydia Program. 


    Where is the event being held?

    The summit will be held on a Zoom platform. You will receive the credentials when you register. Each day, on August 5th and August 6th at 10 AM the positive impact begins! Simply join the meeting at the appropriate time!

    Who is The Lydia Conference best suited for?

    This conference is for executives and front-line staff, entrepreneurs and career employees, moms, aunties, sisters, and daughters! This edifying leadership conference will have something for everyone! The conference offers topics around starting a business and exploration of life purpose as well as business mission and vision, personal and business finance and budgeting, effective stewarding of your influence, pursuing wellness, balance and self-care, making good career choices, and leadership topics like effective leadership and intercultural creativity, as well as resilience themes like increasing God esteem and self esteem! So many times we put ourselves last making things happen for others. If you want to embrace your life purpose while balancing self care, The Lydia Conference is for you!

    What if I can't make the live event on August 5th - 6th?

    The event is completely FREE, but the replays can be purchased, with a portion of the proceeds going to benefit an organization that helps women who are victims of domestic violence: Empowerhouse (https://www.empowerhouseva.org/). Delightful Infusion LLC, the conference sponsor, believes in supporting causes that help others better their lives and reach their goals. By purchasing the replays, you will have this impactful content at your fingertips to review whenever you need encouragement. Even if you do attend the summit, purchasing the replays will benefit you and will help a good cause. You will be emailed once prior to, and once after the event with instructions on how to order. Of course, purchasing the replays is optional.

    Is the The Lydia Conference really just online?

    Yes, The Lydia Conference is entirely virtual. This means you can enjoy it anywhere there is an internet connection.

    Is the Conference actually FREE?

    Yes, The Lydia Conference is entirely FREE! There will be impactful presentations, an interview and speeches giving you valuable information that will lift, motivate, and inform you as you pursue your purpose! There will also be information on how you can optionally purchase books, materials, life coaching, contact the speakers, and benefit from their products and services if you are so inclined. The goal of the conference is to provide massive value to goal oriented women and help them gain the knowledge, tools, and encouragement to pursue both purpose and balance in their daily lives. The replays will be available for a modest fee (completely optional) and a portion of the proceeds will benefit The Empowerhouse. (https://www.empowerhouseva.org/)

    What is Delightful Infusion?

    Delightful Infusion: The Key to Positive Change, is a motivational speaking and coaching practice headed by Michelle Olivia Smith. Through keynote speaking, coaching and information products, Delightful Infusion seeks to empower women to "Find your purpose, reach your goals, and walk in victory!" Delightful Infusion LLC is the sponsor of The Lydia Conference.


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